Boho Summer Color

This summer, try using bright colors, different patterns and rich textiles to bring a subtle boho vibe into your interiors.

Set your table with these mix and match dinnerware, add colorful pillows to your living room couch and bring exotic fragrances into your rooms that will help show your personality and interests.

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Gold Metallics

A continuing trend this year is the reemergence of gold as the accent metallic of choice.  This warm color of antique gold will bring brightness into your space in the form of brass objects.

Grouping items, such as frames or trinket boxes, will give you more of a visual impact as opposed to scattering them throughout a room.  It is fashionable to mix gold with other metallics, such as silvers and coppers, into your existing décor.

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Smoke and Mirrors

A big trend this season is the addition of black glass that gives a modern approach to decorative accents. Mix in aged or muted mercury glass, and you have the perfect combination for creating a moody atmosphere.

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Colorations of Seaglass

Surround yourself with the memories of a day at the beach with these beautiful home accessories. Use these votives, vintage inspired bottles and decorative shells to accent your interiors and table settings this season.

The frosted tones of blues, greens and white will fill your room with a calming palette of color, and give your space a sense of an endless summer.