Blue and White is far more than a trend, it has become an interior design foundation.  The trend is still continuing for us with new design and pattern additions in our Gallery collection.

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Juliska Country Estate

This enchanting collection depicts different scenes that show a charming narrative of life on a traditional country estate.  This delft blue collection is made in Portugal and will bring delight in its everyday use.

Blue Marbled Ware

With its sense of French design, this marbled pattern blends well with other more bold patterns.  Marbled wear patterns are on trend and will update any interior.

Meiping Porcelain Vases

These beautiful vases cannot be fully appreciated until you see and touch them in person.  You will see the intricate detail and feel how light the vessels are.  These are truly artisan quality.

Antiqued Chinese Ceramics

These handcrafted pieces are decorated and then patina is applied to give the illusion of an ancient antique.  Add these into your our collection to give a sense of history and a gathered approach to a collection.

Blue & White Ceramic Cups– While traveling in Europe, our buyers found these small but interesting blue and white containers.  They are the perfect size for garden flowers and can easily be grouped together and displayed on shelves or used down a table for entertaining.