Great gardeners know that fall is the favored planting time of the year for Southern California gardeners. Create your beautiful fall garden by selecting your favorites from an assortment of plants we offer.


These sun-loving flowers are ideal for flower borders, plant containers and attract butterflies and hummingbirds!

An image of pink and red Pentas plants


Gaura is a wispy, clump-forming perennial that is long blooming and drought tolerant.

An image of white and pink gaura flowers

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental Grasses are beautiful perennials that add texture, color and move gracefully in the garden.

An image of ornamental grasses


Gaillardia is a wonderful long season bloomer and great for container gardens. They are tough, cold hardy plants that attract pollinators with their vivd colors.

An image of vivid red Gaillardia flowers

Asclepias • Native & Exotic Milkweed

 Milkweeds are the larval food source for the Monarch Butterfly and produce beautifully complex flowers.

An image of native milk weed
An image of exotic milkweed


Lavenders make a wonderful addition to borders and perennial gardens. They are highly fragrant and provide colorful flowers from early summer into fall.

An image of two types of lavender plants


Salvias (or sage) come in a variety of colors. They bloom abundantly, attract hummingbirds, easy to care for and look great in the landscape. 

An image of Salvia or Sage plants with purple flowers and green foliage

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