I was helping a guest pick out a cachepot the other day. She had narrowed it down to a selection of 3 candidates. Not certain, she turned to me and asked “Well, which one do YOU like best?” As a merchandiser I get this question often not only because I know almost every item in the store personally, but because I work at Roger’s Gardens where there are so many beautiful items that sometimes it can be hard to choose.

Spring-Opening-2013-066I was thinking about this one day and realized that I do have favorites in the store. There is a particular collection of things in my head that I love and find myself suggesting to guests over and over. Then I thought it would be fun to discover what some of my co-workers loved as well. I wanted to find out if they could choose only one thing in the entire store, what would it be? So, armed with a pen and clipboard, I started to interview my fellow employees. Their answers surprised me because many of them loved an item outside of their own department. They also knew exactly where it was located even though we like to move things around on a daily basis. As an added benefit I had the wonderful experience of witnessing the expression on their faces as they described their chosen item!

So here are a few of our favorite things!


Blue and White Vase With Cherry Blossoms – $230.00

Barbara McGraw – Gallery Sales

When I asked her, Barbara didn’t think twice and walked right up to a hutch in the front of the Gallery and picked this vase. She explained to me that this was not a typical vase in the blue and white category because it was primarily blue with a white pattern. This is the reverse of what you normally see. She said it would mix perfectly with her current collection but stand out as unique piece that she has not seen anywhere else. 


De la Rosa Statue (Blue Santos) – $19,000.00

Chad Quickel – Visual Merchandising

I approached Chad with my question as he was working outside. He led me to the middle of the Gallery to one of the large Santos statues. Gazing up at her, with a dreamy look in his eyes, he told me how he loves the expression she has and how she looks peaceful to him. “I always look at her face when I walk by. I just like her. She makes me feel calm.”


 Black Lacquered Cabinet – $1100.00

Nancy Clifton – Cashier Team Lead

“I absolutely love this! It’s gorgeous and it would be beautiful in my home. It matches the decor in my living room and the black cabinets in there. I would use it there, not in the bedroom.”  On a side note, this item was in danger of not being available so I asked Nancy if she would like to choose something else and she was obviously not happy about that! She really loves this piece and turns out it is available so everyone is happy again! 


Crystal Quartz Candle Holder – $765.00

Cathy McEntire – Manager

Cathy actually overheard me asking another co-worker and was so excited to share what her favorite thing was that she called out to me. As we walked toward the Gallery she was describing this candle holder as being so beautiful she felt it was like a sculpture. “A natural beautiful work of art. I’ve always loved it and am attracted to it.” she said as she held it up and turned it in her hands to admire every angle. She loves to mix natural pieces with modern decor and feels this would work perfectly in a setting as a one-of-a-kind statement piece.


Blue Glass Jars With Lids – $38.99 – $42.99

Emily McKibben – Visual Merchandising

Emily had a hard time narrowing it down but then decided on these blue glass lidded jars. She said they are pretty and give her a relaxed, easy going, coastal feeling. They remind her of growing up at the beach and the mason jars her Mom had. She likes clean and simple lines and these have the added benefit of feeling nostalgic.


Assorted Outdoor Pillows – $110.00- $155.00

Laurie Chaffin – Rosarian

When I asked Laurie this question her eyes lit up and she exclaimed “Those wonderful outdoor pillows in Outdoor Living!” She said she loved them all but when pressed she was able to narrow it down to one particular print. I asked her why this one stood out. “It makes me happy and it’s so whimsical, like summer is here and it’s fun. Isn’t it fun? I just love the colors and the pattern, I love all the pillows but this is one of my top favorites.” 


Purple Phalaenopsis Orchid (as shown in a rice measure) – $275.00

Debi Coye – Collectibles Sales

I grabbed Debbie as she was running off to restock some collectible items in between guests.“I love the Orchids, the big Purple ones!” she announced. “They seem cheerful and make me smile and feel happy. They are gorgeous and remind me of tropical places like Hawaii, like I’m on vacation.” she concluded as she hurried on her way.


Eric Cortina Swarovski Crystal Crown – $255.00-$295.00

Lisa Bauchiero – Production Manager

I have personally witnessed Lisa stalking these crowns at Christmas time. When I asked her what her favorite thing was, sure enough, it was the crowns. “I like the look and the style. They make me happy and I am drawn to them. I’ve given them as gifts to my sister because I tend to give presents of items I actually want for myself. They are stately and can see one being used on a mantle display. They are unique, one-of-a-kind and gorgeous.” She added that she specifically coveted the clear crystal version.


Kalola Candles – $8.99-$116.00

Sylvr Sharp – Visual Merchandising

Of course I couldn’t finish this post without sharing my own personal favorite! Before I worked here, when I would come shopping, I would be enthralled by the exotic fragrance that lingered throughout the Gallery but I could never identify the source. I always thought that’s what Roger’s Gardens smelled like. Once I started working here I was able to identify the scent above all others to be the Kalola candles. They are raw candles that sit directly on the surface of the cabinets and throughout the years the wood absorbs the fragrant oils and emits this amazing scent. My favorite fragrances are the Nagchampa and the Mango/Cantaloupe. I have several of both scents in my home and they smell like Roger’s Gardens!

So there you have it, a list of our favorite things that seems to grow every day! How about you? What are your favorite things at Rogers Gardens? Do you visit these items each time you come in? Or did something get away that you had wished you grabbed when you first saw it? I’d love to hear your stories, you can leave them in the comments, although I’ll be sad not to see your expression as you describe them!