Flowers have been arriving at Roger’s this week literally by the truckload. Everywhere you look, the blooms of spring are waiting for their official presentation among the designer tabletops and displays featured throughout The Gallery this weekend for our annual Spring Opening event.

The excitement is palpable as we all ooh and ahh over the luscious blooms that are arriving daily in every imaginable variety, color and size. Roses, lilies, anemones, fuschias, carnations, hydrangea, the list is endless.  And then the real magic begins…

Our floral designers have already started matching and arranging the various flowers and plants into sumptuous works of living art. Starting Friday, drop by our weekend-long celebration, where you can purchase fresh bouquets and outdoor container arrangements and bring home a piece of Spring.

Step into The Gallery and draw inspiration and ideas for your Spring dining and entertaining. That’s our masterful creative director, Eric Cortina, arranging the forsythia in the corner there, who along with his merchandising team are busy setting up display tables throughout these rooms. At least eight large tables of various shapes and sizes will showcase some of the most exciting table setting trends and ideas this Spring.

Here’s a peek at just one of the tables, which showcases the vintage-themed paper line, called Cake. So inspired by the elegant, yet modern design, Roger’s designer Emily McKibben spent nearly a whole day decoupaging the entire table and even the chairs in Cake’s table-wrap paper. Now that’s creative! If you want to see this table decked out in amazing flower arrangements, however, you will have to come and see in person either Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Cake’s delicious paper products include table-wrap paper, placemats, serving paper, notepads and other kitchen-related paper products.

Since it’s hard to wait, we know, here’s one more glimpse of what’s in store this weekend. This is another of the table settings, starring the new Juliska stoneware ceramic line called “Country Estate,” which features age-old decorating techniques on a chic, neutral palette. The designs reveal a pastoral narrative of country life, architecture and activities typical of English landscapes from times past. The soft white, pink, silvery gray and dash of red in the flowers add the perfect touch of British charm and elegance.

Bet you can’t wait to see the other tables, which will include table settings inspired by everything from India, Paris, Napa Valley, and even The Tropics–all adorned with your favorite Spring flowers!

Janine Robinson is an Orange County freelance writer and garden blogger who writes the popular outdoor living blog, Laguna Dirt. Contact her at: