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Helichrysum Ruby Cluster

Compact plants with woolly, silver-green leaves add an unusual texture to the garden. In summer, showy clusters of ball-shaped, deep pink buds are cradled in the soft foliage mounds. They open to starry white flowers with prominent yellow centers. Provides excellent contrast in mixed containers.

Chef Rich Mead’s Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipe

    Win Aunt Susan over. Be Grandma’s Favorite. Make Stuffing...In most holiday gatherings, the time-honored favorite is stuffing. Use our fresh garden herbs and this crowd-pleasing recipe for a delectable dish that’ll have guests requesting seconds. INGREDIENTS   1 cup diced carrots   2 cups diced celery   2 cups diced onions   1 [...]

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2019 Home Décor Trend- Modern Accents in Classic White

By Creative Director, Eric Cortina The long days of summer are upon us, but most of us are not ready to give up the carefree vacation feeling we have been enjoying these past few months.  Capture the end of the season with these luxury decor accents that will transform your interiors into a [...]

Long-stem Pumpkins

Introducing Long-Stem Pumpkins. A Roger’s Gardens exclusive and a designer favorite.  Every pumpkin is a unique piece of art and will add creativity to your Fall displays and bring compliments from your family and friends. Our growers practice sustainable agriculture, biological pest control, crop rotation and soil biodiversity. All our plants are non-GMO. [...]

Summer Decorating & Entertaining Inspiration

By Visual Merchandiser, Emily Morgan It’s summer and it’s HOT!  Dine alfresco, relax on a lounge chair, and surround yourself with beautiful plants, garden styles, and décor that reflect the season.  Bring the heat and liven up your outdoor space with bright and energetic colors such as coral and oranges mixed with organic [...]

These are a Few of my Favorite Things – Men’s Edition

By Creative Director, Eric Cortina Last month we focused on gifts for the women in our lives, like our Mother’s.  Now I would like to share my favorite top 10 gifts from Roger’s Gardens that any man would like to receive for his birthday, anniversary or Father’s Day. [...]