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Great Shade Trees for Small Gardens

Thank you for visiting our blog. If you have any comments, I’d love to hear them. I am often asked for trees for small gardens, and so I have developed a little list of my all-time favorites. I’ve grown most in my own garden and the rest in friend’s gardens. These are sturdy, easy to grow [...]

How to Save Water With a New Irrigation Controller by Lynn Hillman

When I moved into my home almost 15 years ago, I tore into the garden – or, more literally: tore up my garden. The lawn went, shrubs were dug up, trees were felled, beds reconfigured. And I installed all new irrigation with the latest timer (with the very generous help of my very kind sons!) [...]

Gardening 101 Series | How to Use Annuals vs. Perennials with Lynn Hillman

Have you ever wondered what an “annual” or a “perennial” plant means?  Expert horticulturist, Lynn Hillman, will define the two and explain why it is important to know the difference the two when planting your garden. […]

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Fall Flowers for Spring Bloom by Lynn Hillman

So, here it is Fall. Most gardens are looking a little exhausted after the summer and so we do clean-up in preparation for the winter and then sit back and anticipate Spring planting and blooming. But Wait! There are many plants, which if planted in the Fall, will already be blooming when your neighbor is just beginning to plant [...]