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Solutions To Ending Your Blossom-End-Rot

Tomatoes developing an opaque, firm section on the bottom of the fruit happens to be called blossom-end-rot on your tomato fruit. Blossom end rot is primarily environmental and not always anything the planter grower’s fault. A lack of calcium in the soil can sometimes contribute, but if the tomato’s foliage is thriving in color and [...]

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How to Fertilize Your Indoor Plants

Greetings!! Last time we spoke, we focused in on watering our plants, today I want to build on this, and talk about fertilizing our plants. Equally important, often confusing. So let’s break it down – Fertilizers are needed to restore the nutrients in our plants soil. In nature this happens organically, quite literally. [...]

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Pre-sprouted Spring Flower Bulbs

Spring pre-sprouted bulbs are finally here! Get a head start on your Spring flowering garden by planting them now for blooms in Spring. Pre-chilled and kept in cold storage for perfectly-timed planting. Head over to Roger's Gardens for all of your outdoor plant shopping necessities! 

Essential Tips for Watering Houseplants

Essential Tips for Watering Houseplants with Haley Fox Greetings, plant friends! Spring is just around the corner, bringing us longer days and warmer weather. This means we can resume our regular watering and plant care routines. Exciting news I know, but before we jumpstart these routines, let's [...]

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Chef Rich Mead’s Tomatomania! Recipe

 Roast Pesto and Panko Crusted Pink Grouper, Wong Farm Tomatoes and Winter Arugula   6 oz Pink Grouper filet 1 TBS Panko Pesto sauce 3 nice slices of beef steak/shady lady tomatoes 2 cups clean arugula 1⁄4 cup sliced Persian cucumber 1⁄4 cup sliced watermelon radish Sun Gold tomato niçoise [...]

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Roger’s Recommends Tomatoes for 2020

Tomato of the Year ‘Thorburn's Terra Cotta’ Incredible flavor, color and history! A rare heirloom variety from 1893. One of the best home garden tomatoes ever, but seldom available. Honey-brown skin and flesh with shades of orange, pink, gold and green. A gorgeous package that’s topped off by rich tomato flavor. Read More [...]