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Sweet Peas – The Cream of the Crop

Sweet peas are deservedly popular in southern California. Our long, mild winters are perfect for their growth and flowering. Their powerful, sweet fragrance is something that stays in our minds. In fact, when I ask people why they like sweet peas, they often say something to the effect that they fondly remember […]

Cool Seasons Tomatoes by Steve Hampson

When I lived on the east coast, the first October killing frost marked the end of the tomato season.  Soon the ground would be frozen and covered with snow; and the taste of those juicy, flavorful fruit would become just a memory. This also meant that we would have to wait about eight months for [...]

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Gardening 101 Series | How do I plant a bulb? with Steve Hampson

Expert horticulturist, Steve Hampson, explains in simple terms easy techniques on how to plant bulbs for beautiful flowering blooms. He will also share simple design suggestions and show how the addition of the right flower bulbs can beautify your garden. Perfect for new gardeners. […]

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Fall Is For Planting by Steve Hampson

I am often asked about the best time to plant a particular plant.  I usually say something to the effect that most plants growing in containers can be planted almost any time of year, but ideally I would wait for the cooler part of the year, beginning with fall.  Of course, there are usually exceptions [...]

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Summer Vegetable Gardening by Steve Hampson

For those of you who plant a vegetable garden, by early May most of you likely have a good start in getting in your summer vegetables.  Tomatoes which were planted in March should be growing vigorously and setting fruit.  Beans and corn which can tolerate the cooler temperatures of early spring are putting on good [...]

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