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A frequent dilemma we encounter here at Roger’s Gardens is this: A guest would like to either buy a replacement lavender or simply wants to add lavender to their garden. The question then, is this; Which lavender would you like? While just about everyone imagines making their garden look like this: The reality is usually [...]

Easy Herbs for Winter

The most important word for cool weather herbs is SUN. Water deeply (as in: water slowly so that all the soil gets a drink, not just the top & sides of the pot or ground soil) once a week… and did I mention SUN? A lot of people want to grow herbs inside and while this [...]

5 Rules for Garden Success

Rule #1 Despite our recent water restrictions, this rule has and will always be the best; Water deeply, less often. S-l-o-w  down watering, making certain your soil is soaked 6-12 inches deep ~ twice a week in hot weather, once a week in cool, dry weather. Trees need deep watering around the root base, not just the [...]

CA Friendly® Gardening Solutions | Turf Alternatives by Suzanne Hetrick

Everyone is going drought tolerant these days. As we scale back our lawn areas in our gardens some people are left scratching their heads wondering, “What should I replace it with?” We’re going to offer a few of suggestions for filling parkways and shrinking your lawn areas with beautiful filler plants and alternatives. […]

Preparing Your Garden For Spring by Suzanne Hetrick

First, check your sun exposure. For most flowering plants and edibles you’ll need at least 6 – 8 hours of sun per day for the best results. Most people underestimate how much sun they have in their garden. Afternoon sun is the warmest so make sure that it’s 6 – 8 hours of the best sun [...]

Someone Told Me… Gardening Myths by Suzanne Hetrick

Gardening myths examined & suggestions for success. Each day at Roger’s Gardens my co-workers in the Outdoor Horticulture department & I answer a lot of questions from our guests. Some bring us plastic bags filled with leaves, cuttings, insects or examples of plants that have problems. Sometimes it’s an easy fix and sometimes even with [...]

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