Capturing the feel of the west coast, this style of décor brings the outdoors in and provides a casual approach to indoor living.  Natural materials, a soothing color palette and an attractive mix of patterns makes this décor so appealing.

Artisan Glass Vases

These handcrafted vases have captured the essence of water and the ocean in their subtle design. Grouped together they create a dramatic focal point on a table or cabinet.


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Framed Art

These images bring the eclectic sense of the bungalow style with their classic subjects reimaged in blue colorations.  Group them together to create a gallery wall or hang them stacked to create height in a room.

Ceramic Vases

Handcrafted in Thailand, these small vases have a very organic feel, which works well for the bungalow style. Mixing the different patterns makes this grouping interesting even with or without florals.

Cache Pots

Blending contrasting styles is easy when you choose a neutral color.  These white and cream cache pots are the perfect vessels to show off your plant collection.


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Another way to enhance your environment and conjure memories of the beach is through fragrance.  These beautifully designed ceramic candles have a marbled design and a wonderful Mediterranean blue scent that will transport your interior into a retreat.