Whew! After a day like today this is how we all feel, dead tired! The palettes of merchandise I showed earlier was about a third of the boxes of Halloween goodies we need to unpack and place in just the right spot! Not only that but many “haunting” projects are still going on. The way we get that spooky look to completely surround you is by taking normal day to day items and transforming them. Some of these things are easy to do at home to expand on your own Halloween decor. Today I’m going to show you a simple temporary change for a light fixture as an example of what I mean. It’s all in the details, people!

OK, so remember these chandeliers? They are beautiful but very serious and proper and right now they are a little too bright for our taste. We’ll fix that!

First we need a few supplies. Double stick tape, scissors and an old book (This one was water damaged so was a good candidate). I’ll show you what that white cylinder is:

Simply remove the light bulbs and lift off the “candle”. They don’t have to be removable to do this project but it’s really helpful! Next measure and cut out a page of the book that fits the length of the candle leaving enough for the end to wrap around it completely.

Grab a piece of double stick tape and place on one edge of the cut page. Attach to the candle and wrap around to cover.

Use another piece of tape under the finishing edge to secure the end.

That’s it. Easy! Repeat for every light on the chandelier and then place the covered candles back on the fixture.

Replace the light bulbs with amber flicker flame bulbs and voila!

This adds a great vintage-y antique look to your existing light fixture and tames down the “bright” to help create your own spooky ambience. It’s a simple touch of detail that will enhance the rest of your Halloween decor. I kind of like it for everyday! So tell me, how do you like to decorate for Halloween? Do you have any fun ideas to share? Post them in the comments!