Hmmm… seems somebody was busy after hours. Could this be the result of prankster spirits joining in on the fun? Maybe they’re trying to help us with set up? If so, they’d better step up their game. Only 2 more weeks left before opening! As we’re oh-so-subtly reminded:

 So lets get the rest of that furniture in here already!

Um…. guys? How’re you going to get that through the door? I’ll just leave that for them to figure out. Let’s take a look at some progress shall we? Here’s a larger project that at least 7 people have contributed to.

Here’s the rundown of the project:

1.The newly constructed doors and trim were installed.
2.We painted them all black.
3. What it looked like when we were done.
4.The edges and trim were highlighted with white. Wallpaper was added to the walls
5. We treated the wallpaper to appear aged and worn.

Here’s a close up of the aging that was applied to ‘The Shining’-esque wallpaper:

Ewww! Creepy! If walls could talk, these would scream! Speaking of creepy here’s our version of the Family Tree:

  Here are a few more glimpses of the goings-on around here.


  And of course it wouldn’t be a Rogers Halloween without a little bling!

So that’s our progress so far. Oh, I wanted to mention that I’m planning on putting up a few DIY’s of some of the projects we did. If you see something you’re interested in learning how we made, tell me in the comments and I might give a tutorial on the technique. Providing, of course, there’s no full moon at the time… Bwaahahahahaaaa!