Now that we’re getting further along with the set up, it’s getting creepy in here! There are literally hundreds of pairs of eyes watching us (and that’s not including those of you who peek at us through the curtain!) Things are starting to come together and some of the best effects are getting installed this week. We are now in frosting mode, all the little details and extras are being finalized.

A simple detail we add is wallpaper to the backs of the hutches and bookcases that we use to house the merchandise. It’s something you can also do easily at home for holidays or everyday. It’s amazing how the things you may not notice right away impact the overall ambiance of the space. And because we will probably use some of this furniture for Christmas, we use double sided tape to adhere the wallpaper to the back making it easy to remove.

 A lot of what we do here is also great for parties. If you’re planning on hosting a Halloween party, this is a great touch.It goes along the lines of total emersion when setting up a theme, it’s one of the little details that ties everything together.

That, and using everyday objects that have been “spookified”! During set up a common phrase overheard is “Paint it black”. Most everything we use has been toned down in color or just painted pure black. Many “found objects” are used as accents layered on walls and hung from the ceiling.

You can achieve this in your own Halloween decor by shopping garage sales and thrift shops for cool old accessories that would look haunted with a quick glaze of black paint. Pair them with your novelty Halloween decor items and you will be amazed at the transformation!

Or you can decide to go completely crazy and do something like this:

Although I wouldn’t recommend this for the faint-of-heart!

Here’s an example of some old things attached to the ceiling:

And here’s another old thing we hung up there:

*shiver* Oooh, I feel those eyes again!

Oh, is it just you? You’re a little slimy but not too scary….wait……

Yikes! That’s the one! I’m outta’ here!