There’s this rumor going around that our Halloween display requires the purchase of a ticket to attend. Word of mouth being what it is, every year I am approached by at least one guest inquiring about where to purchase admission. 


I am happy to say that our Halloween display is free to visit and for all to enjoy!

In fact if you do plan to visit this season and its your first time to Rogers Gardens I’d strongly recommend coming sooner than later.

I realize I am suggesting that you embrace your Halloween Spirit during the last fleeting days of Summer but you will be glad you did! That way you’ll get to enjoy the whole creep factor because our merchandise is what makes up the display and as it sells down, Halloween becomes smaller. Our display is often confused with a Halloween walk-thru attraction which is probably why we are asked where one can obtain tickets. We love Halloween and do it up big to really showcase the merchandise so you will see how amazing your home can look. Setting up early allows you to shop and still have time to set up your own displays. Unfortunately that means if you wait until just before Halloween to visit, most of our displays have gone home with other guests. I don’t want anyone to be disappointed or feel left out so plan on visiting early!

But first we need to finish setting up!

I have compiled some before and afters of the going’s on in the Halloween Room for the past two weeks. I think it’s much more dramatic to see them side by side so here you go. I tried to anticipate where the action would take place when snapping ‘before’ pics but sometimes I just came close so forgive the not-quite-perfect line ups!

Untitled-2As you can see, nothing is sacred. Windows in the way? Block them out! Quick fix for wood pallet walls that we don’t want to lose? Cover everything with fabric! Skylights are covered, walls are moved (yes, that happens), nothing gets in the way.


Here’s one of those not-quite-perfect angles. The wall with the frame in the top photo is where the green hutch against the striped wall is (notice the shelving to the left). It’s amazing how different it looks as we go.

magicbeforeThe next shows what happens when one of our mad scientists take over a space.


Different angles, same wall:


We have things going on just outside the room as well.


As you can see there’s a lot of work involved and it’s all done in a very short amount of time. These photos show just the first steps. After the walls are set and covered and all the furniture is placed, then comes the props and rigging. While those are being installed, merchandise is filtered into the quieter areas and as sections are completed.


Choose Your Fate – do you dare?



Right this way…




Ask yourself this: are those cages waiting to be filled? Or …have the snakes all escaped?



Just catching up on some beauty sleep.

As the fixtures are filled with Halloween goodies the last details are finalized from touching up props that were dinged from being installed to painting details that make the final product come to life. Signs are placed, beaded spider webs are hung, lighting and sound are checked.


Coming up next….

A sneak peek at the final set up and a list of the music we used.

Until then, I’ll be seeing you (before you see me)! Sweet dreams!