As a visual merchandiser, I spend a great deal of time working on displays and interacting with customers as they come and go. I do tend to overhear some conversations as well which leads me to this observation. I’ve noticed something over the past few years that seems even more apparent this year.

It goes like this.


There you are, smoothly cruising through life and the normal day to day activities. A birthday here, a long weekend there, everything seems pretty calm and casual. Check out a movie? Sure. Languish for hours on a towel seaside soaking up the rays? Yes, please. Late night dinner on the patio with friends? OK, why not. We’ve got all the time in the world….

And then it happens.


August 1.

The beginning of the end of the rest of the year!


 Dun dun DUN! (Thank you Dramatic Chipmunk!)

If not the 1st of August, then somewhere in between the 1st and the 15th for sure (or perhaps when you see someone like me putting out Autumn merchandise), something in the collective consciousness snaps on. Now, it’s time to panic! Kids are going back to school in a few weeks, are they ready? Holidays are coming up soon, should we get a head start on gift shopping?? What are we going to serve for Thanksgiving (actual conversation overheard)???  OMG I am already behind!!! Help! Someone get me a paper bag to breathe into!

I’m not sure what suddenly makes time fly by three times as fast as it did before August 1, or why we are caught off guard when we see indications of the season change such as Back To School commercials on the radio or sweaters replacing the bikini racks at Nordstrom.

But here we are.

Once again.

Talking about Roger’s Gardens annual Halloween Display.

Cue the curtain.