According to Oxford dictionary, to zhush is “make more exciting, lively, or attractive”. We are going to zhush this place up! Our theme this year is Hauntingly Beautiful. We’ll begin adding luxurious texture to the walls by putting up lots of fabric.

Lots of fabric.


 Looooooots of fabric!


Hanging fabric took quite a while, but not every wall was covered. Remember when I mentioned that we take out walls? Well, we put a few back up to create some really dramatic spaces.


Curved walls create an amazing new round room, much like a castle turret. The place is really shaping up! We have also created a hallway for a ‘hall of mirrors’ effect.


This year the rooms are modeled to look like a beautiful house so we needed some special pieces of furniture. Some chairs for the dining room…


And a bed fit for a king in the bedroom.


Now the fun really begins. The details! This includes installing all of the special projects that we have been working on for the past month or so. Once those are up, more and more accessories and details are layered on to cover every square inch of wall and ceiling to complete the transformation. This is what is going on for a whole week before even one piece of merchandise is brought in and continues up until we open, literally that day and hour! Now since I don’t want to give too much away, we’re going to fast forward to some really cool close ups of what it ended up looking like:





Hard to believe it’s the same place! And not to let any details slip through the outside entrance gets a makeover, too.


Don’t worry, I have more eye candy to come! Stay tuned…