I love design blogs and I love design shows. I especially love great “before” and “after” comparison pictures. And the only thing I love more than that is when they show the “Great Reveal”. That’s when some lucky home, restaurant or bakery owner sees their newly remodeled home, restaurant or bakery (I may or may not watch too much reality TV). They tend to react by being completely shocked, extremely happy and sometimes break down in tears. Not always from joy.


I mean, what’s more dramatic than seeing the vast difference a few small changes make. OK, HUGE changes made in a limited amount of time with a crew of designers not unlike what we accomplish at Rogers for Halloween and Christmas.

Surprised Lucy

So how could I write a blog series about transforming our interior space without starting with “before” images? Here are the Garden Rooms on a normal day (or on the Monday morning after a busy weekend right before tear down).





All except for that apparition that’s trying to manifest in the last picture, it looks like the normal sales floor filled with beautiful displays one would expect to see at Rogers Gardens.

Then we do this:




This is the quickest part of the prep, the demo. We’re so hard core we even take out some of the walls! Many of the tables and fixtures will be repurposed for Halloween but most of the merchandise that was here is relocated to other areas of the store. After it has all been removed, the furniture is cleaned up, additional specially ordered furniture and fixtures are brought in and a general floor plan is laid out. But before we can start bringing in Halloween merchandise, we need to spend about a week making the Garden Rooms “Hauntingly Beautiful”.

You’ll be amazed at the dramatic results achieved in such a limited amount of time. Check back here often to see the progress and transformation! You won’t believe the difference and you might be completely shocked, extremely happy and might break down in tears. From joy.