I don’t like bugs. OK I don’t like “most” bugs. I will take a cute ladybug or pillbug any day but keep those arachnids away from me! Due to this phobia aversion of mine there is an area in the Night Gallery that causes me extreme discomfort. It is the ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ area otherwise known (to me) as the ‘Mega-horrific Bugs With Jaws of Death’ area. No, I’m not exaggerating in the slightest. When these “Insects from Hades” (as I prefer to call them) came in it gave us ALL the shivers.

And that’s when we thought they weren’t real.


Turns out THEY ARE! or…were. I know they’re no longer of this world but the thought of one of us accidentally dropping a box and shattering the glass unleashing the horrors within inspired Emily and I to break out into convulsive freak out dances!


At least I know these guys can’t go anywhere, which will help me keep my eye on the hairy legged specimens that might. In this picture they kinda’ look like bugs on ice. Wait, is that a Disney on Ice show? Do they still have those? Because that would be a great name for one!

Once again, we do offer an alternative to the real deal in these adorable bug inspired hand blown glass ornaments.

100_3885Did I say adorable? I meant RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! Look at the eyes on that thing! And I’m not quite sure but does he have fangs AS BIG AS HIS HEAD?? I’m literally jumping around just looking at him!

I think the best thing for me to do is to stay clear of that area and go somewhere safe.

Closeup of mummified Gypsy

EEEEEKK! Not here! Run away! RUN AWAY!