Things are really ROLLING along in our Halloween Room (get it?). It’s getting crazy in here but there’s no need to LOSE YOUR HEAD (see where I was going with this?)! But if you do lose it, we’ll find it and display it in an attractive glass dome vignette.


Or, maybe you aren’t into the creepy “eyes are following me” kind of thing. Well, we’ve got you covered:


We’re nothing if not people pleasers. You’re welcome.

We just finished up week 2 and this is when things start to really take shape.  Up until now it has all been ideas and mental images. As those ideas come to fruition adjustments must sometimes be made to match the vision. The creative process is constantly going on which means that if things don’t work out as planned we’re quick to either tweak it or add something completely different to make it awesome! Sometimes just seeing the props and merchandise together brings up a completely new idea as in “wouldn’t it be cool if…” and then it happens. This year that resulted in the construction of a small addition to the building. Nothing is impossible with this group!


What else have we been up to this week? Nothing but craziness! Here are some of the lunatics now, constructing an Instrument of Collective Mind Control in their quest for world domination!


Or maybe they’re planning on opening a day spa, it’s hard to tell. There’s nothing like a micro-current facial to keep the complexion fresh and smooth.

Meanwhile, outside there’s a sweet bonding moment going on.


This guy (the orange one) is going to be hanging out in our ‘Day of the Dead’ room, a new addition to Rogers Halloween selection. I am so excited to see the new merchandise for this theme, I love it all! Luckily most of the projects I’ve been working on have been in this area so I get to play with the fun sugar skulls, and squeal over the skeletal brides and grooms (there’s also been some excited  jumping up and down while clapping going on, I won’t lie)! Here’s a project that I showed you earlier as it started out. A primed 4′ X 8′ piece of plywood onto which I drew my design and then painted with acrylic paint.


And here is the final result. I am especially happy with how realistic I got the body to look.

100_3746 While I had my paint brushes out I decided to whip up this little project. It’s a panel made out of plywood measuring 16′ wide by 12′ tall. This will be used outside as the entrance to the building once it is extracted from the tent it is currently occupying. That will be interesting to see as it was built inside the tent and happens to be larger than any of the exits. I’m glad that’s not my problem. *runs away*


Things are moving fast and furious as we approach the grand opening. I will do my best to keep you up to date on all the goings on. Stay tuned!