I had received so many nice comments about the blog post I did on our favorite everyday things that I decided to do one about Halloween. There are so many amazing things to choose from and I’m anxious to see what my fellow employees have to say!


Billie Baldwin – Receptionist

I had to give Billie a “moment” as she contemplated her choices. After a process of elimination (resulting in a large list of scratched out candidates) Billie decided she had a sweet spot for these “adorable and cute” Sugar Skull cookie cutters. She thought they would be fun to use for Halloween as well as for Day of the Dead parties.


Day of The Dead

Suzanne Hetrick – Horticulture Staff

Another Day of The Dead fan, she loves the whole room which is filled with a “good vibe” and “just the right blend of playfulness mixed with creepy”. She has always enjoyed the DOD celebrations even more than Halloween so this area makes her really happy. She couldn’t narrow it down to one thing, she even liked that fabrics on the walls! Being a hard core DOD fan she then followed by listing the items she’d like to see us carry next year! I’ll pass it on, Suzanne.

 Dana Timothy – Receiving Team Leader

Dana is smitten by the jack’o’lantern outdoor candles that can be found in our Potting Shed. She thinks they’re “cute, smell good and can be fun inside or outside”. She appreciates the traditional theme and finds them nostalgic, reminding her of luminarias.


Wendy Addison Domes

Jennifer Badgett – Cashier

Jennifer picked the Wendy Addison domes as her favorite. “They’re neat!” She loves the vintage style and thinks they are very unique.


Vergie Lightfoot Pumpkin Heads

Maria Lopez – Pricer

Maria prices every item so she has seen EVERYTHING and she loves the Vergie Lightfoot pumpkin heads best . She thinks they’re “muy bonita”.


Haunted Memories Portraits

Cody Fallas – Landscape

Cody is an interesting guy. Cody’s favorite things are the Haunted Memories portraits. He feels that although they’re perfect for Halloween, he’d kinda like to have them up all year ’round and wants one of each. See? Interesting…


Bethany Lowe Night Gallery Librarian

Omar Uraje – Pricer

Omar likes the looks of Bethany Lowe’s Night Gallery Librarian. Something about the eyes, but he also appreciates the way he is made and Bethany’s eye for detail. I think Omar would like to wear his jacket. Or at least the bow tie.