Written & Photographed by Sylvr Sharp

I see you’ve come back! Thirsty for more, are you? Brave souls.

Well you’re just in time. We just got in some new plants, fresh off the cart. Let’s take a look.

Halloween Demolition

Those look nice and healthy…. Wait, something is not right…

Halloween Spectres

Oh! There’s something definitely wrong here! I’ll bet if you’d talk to these plants, they’d talk back.

Halloween Spectres

I think I’m just going to slowly back away. OK, so let’s see what’s been going on inside!

As we decide what goes where, little post-it notes help map out the placement. These are extremely helpful when trying to visualize the space and helps us to judge how much room certain types of merchandise need as shown here with some adjustments made. It’s easier to change a post-it than a whole table full of items.

Halloween Spectres

Here’s another extremely helpful note.

Halloween Castles

That certainly clears things up!

As merchandise placement is decided, construction is still going strong. We’ll install walls and change the floor plan to fit our needs. This wall is being prepped for a special effect.

An image of one of the Roger's Gardens staff members building a Halloween set

As things move along the team project props are finally getting their moment such as these floating candles.

An image of hanging candles decoration for 2018 Halloween Hocus Pocus

And these ne’er do wells finally have their home.

An image of the dementor for Halloween 2018

This guy has been causing some of the girls on the team all kinds of uneasy feelings and we’re glad he’s finally in place!

An image of a large snake coming through the ceiling for Hocus Pocus Halloween

Let’s take a look out front. Here’s the beginning of the set up, clearing things out and getting framing set.

An image of Garden Room 2 entrance closed for Hocus Pocus 2018 Halloween

This year we took it to the roof! Here’s the castle going up. Either that, or the kingdom has been invaded by giants.

An image of the Hogwarts castle being set up

Ahh, the final result!

An image of Hogwarts Castle for 2018 Hocus Pocus

And it wouldn’t be complete without the hog!

Hogwarts Hog Mascot for Halloween 2018

We’re exhausted so we’re gonna’ go take a break but in the meantime here’s some more eye candy of the results of our handiwork.

There you have it! Another Halloween set up complete! We’re off and onto the next big holiday project. I’ll give you a hint, it starts with Santa!”

An image of molded fake candles for 2018 Halloween Hocus Pocus

I know! Imagine how we feel!

Visual Merchandisers & Prop Creators:

Sylvr Sharp – Painting of the Castle, Stone Wall facade

Christine Barker – Dementors

Veronica Wright – Floating Candles, Winged Hog, Stone wall facade

Cynthia Hall – Potion Bottles

Emily Morgan – Mandrakes, Large Snake, Large Spider

James Maxwell – Castle, Stone wall facade, portrait wall

Irineo Garcia – Myrtles Bathroom Sink