It’s here! Blackstone Manor officially opened last Friday to many enthusiastic customers! If you are planning on coming out to see it, there is still plenty of time. And as everyone is enjoying this years Halloween Room, I thought it would be fun to post some pictures from some previous years set ups. There’s no turning back? Why not?!

Mad Madelines Basement-Halloween 2009

Mad Madelines crazy brother had moved into her basement once she went missing. He fancied himself a magician but was actually an evil scientist who worked long hours in the lab trying to reanimate frozen porcelain dolls (see? Crazy!). His greatest success was in bringing his best friend Mortimer to life. Mortimer was a ventriloquist’s dummy who liked to sit on the stairs and make fun of people. What about the clowns? Well, they’re just creepy.


Fun and Gaems Toy Factory – Halloween 2010

Remember Mortimer? Well he ran away from the basement and took up residence in a decrepit abandoned toy factory. He liked making toys but found he liked blowing things up even more (the cuckoo clock crow barely escaped). Last seen he was creating evil baby dolls and merrily cloning himself in a large toy making machine.

Blackstone Theatre – Halloween 2011

Entering from the actors entrance through the back alley, you walk through the dressing area, the costume department and finally onto the stage. The theatre is said to be haunted by a diva lead starlet, an extra playing a geisha, a dark sprite who summons spiders to attack and the theater manager.  Most recently they all made a rare appearance to scare away a thief in the night and it was all caught on video cameras set up by Ghost Hunters. You can view the footage here.

and last but not least, an arachnophobic blogger who likes to lurk around wearing hats and large candelabras…and also pretending that she’s Alfred Hitchcock by appearing in her own blog post.

I hope you enjoyed this little trip down Halloween Memory Lane revisiting all those ghosts from years past. If you like these you will definitely need to check out this years set before it vanishes into thin air!

What were some of your favorite Halloween moments? Tell me in the comments!