An easy way to give your interior décor a new look is to change out your existing containers with more trend-focused designs.  Houseplants are still growing in popularity and finding the right indoor decorative planter that compliments your plant is easier than ever. 

Glazed Artisanal Pottery

On trend are containers that look hand crafted or are actually artisan made.  These take on the quality of a one-of-a-kind treasure, and are perfect to display a favorite or specimen plant.


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Back in popularity, baskets have now become a design staple for interiors.  Bold patterns and colors with a cultural feel are perfect to hold plants or be a statement all on their own.

Cement Containers

This basic material has been recently elevated to becoming the favorite container of the season.  The simple lines and cool colors of cement are perfect to compliment succulents or patterned leafed plants.


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Geometric Designs

The simple form of these containers feel very modern, yet work well in tradition spaces.  These cache pots perfectly compliment the shape and form of tillandsias or bromeliads. 

Updated Cottage

The relaxed feeling of a cottage interior appeals to many with its casual and easy to live with design.  Try using these darker toned containers to give contrast to your lighter spaces and give your favorite plant a new home.

The Classics

Traditional shapes and designs don’t have to be expected.  These containers, with their sleek motifs and finishes, will stand out in any interior space.