Roger’s Gardens is a different kind of place to work.

Roger’s Gardens provides a culture of creativity and self-expression. It is an environment that mixes a huge dose of teamwork, fun and camaraderie with an atmosphere that is inherently healthy and active. Our customers are incredible and serving them is a rewarding experience that we enjoy every day.

We do work hard. Only the best of the best are a part of our team!

We believe in what we do at Roger’s Gardens. Every day we work to fulfill our mission – “To Bring Beauty into the Homes and Gardens” of our customers. With a history that spans over 50 years, Roger’s Gardens was recently recognized as the best garden center in the U.S. and as the most influential garden center in the country. We were just named the best privately owned medium-sized business in Orange County and we have even been named as one of the Top-Ten Places to Work in Orange County.

Roger’s Gardens is a magical place. The “magic” is because of our amazing team of over 100 incredibly dedicated, talented and passionate people. Roger’s Gardens is a job or career unlike most others.

Retail Positions Available

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Landscape Positions Available

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Farmhouse Positions Available

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