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Your Other Garden – The One We All Share by Ron Vanderhoff

If you are reading this, it’s likely that you have a garden. Maybe a big garden or a small garden. Either way, it’s your garden. But, you have another garden as well; a garden that we share. […]

CA Friendly Gardening Solutions | Why California Friendly Gardening? By Ron Vanderhoff

Reasons vary to have a California Friendly garden. Each gardener does so for a different reason. A truly sustainable landscape minimizes negative impacts and maximizes positive ones. It thrives on rainwater and it keeps plant clippings and greenwaste on site. It requires a minimum amount of outside products and resources to sustain it. […]

Arid Tropical Garden with Lew Whitney

The words “arid” and “tropical” and, indeed, the concepts behind them, may seem antithetical. Arid makes one think of dry, brown and prickly, while tropical implies wet, green and lush. But in the world of garden design, an illusion can be created that meets the criteria of low water usage with the beauty of foliage [...]

CA Friendly Gardening Solutions | California Friendly Garden Winners Start a Trend

About a year ago, the Freemon’s decided they wanted a fresh look for their 28-year-old Huntington Beach garden. Their main motivation was the unattractive lawn that required constant watering. […]