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Medicinal Plants & Pollinators

The act of gardening can be incredibly therapeutic! Did you know some plants even possess medicinal qualities? In addition to plants being beneficial to humans, they can also help heal the planet by attracting pollinators.  Pollinators are essential for our ecosystem to thrive.  By cultivating plants that attract and benefit pollinators we can be sure we are [...]

A Plant Buying Trip with Design in Mind

by Kathleen Nestell, Original Designs Living Arrangements Designer If a picture is worth a thousand words, I could write several books based on the inspiration I received from the photographs I snapped while on one of our most recent [...]

Easy Herbs for Winter

The most important word for cool weather herbs is SUN. Water deeply (as in: water slowly so that all the soil gets a drink, not just the top & sides of the pot or ground soil) once a week… and did I mention SUN? A lot of people want to grow herbs inside and while this [...]

The People’s Choice | Top Tomato Selections from Tomato Tasting 2016

2016 was the beginning of even bigger and better Tomato Tastings than ever before. Most important is that Steve Goto, the king of tomatoes here on the west coast, has now joined the Roger’s Gardens staff. Steve has always been the engine that drove these tastings, but now that he is a permanent [...]

How to Produce & Harvest Lettuce for Two Months

One of our favorite garden vegetables to grow are the many varieties of lettuce that are now available. Lettuce is especially easy to grow. You can start harvesting a crop within 15 days after you planted it in your garden or container! When its time to harvest our crops a frequently asked question is, “what [...]

Starting Vegetables from Seeds

For those of us that really enjoy all aspects of vegetable gardening, the greatest gratification can be the reward of a crop you started by seeds. Seeds have been available since the settlers brought over from their home soil and started planting their crops. Seeds are fairly easy to germinate; and with proper timing will [...]

Growing Herbs in Containers by Onita Castillo

Edible outdoor planted container gardening should be something that is easy and accessible. This is especially important if you don’t have a lot of extra time to spend in the garden. If you’re not lucky enough to have a considerable sized yard, you are most likely stuck with a small patio. Usually this patio is [...]

A “Twenty-something’s” Experiment with Gardening

What made you become a gardener? For me, it was food. Let me preface by explaining who I am. I’m a 25 year old woman, a graphic designer, photographer, yoga instructor and hiker. I work in the marketing department at Roger’s Gardens and have found a love for gardens and wildlife over the years. [...]