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2019 Home Décor Trend- Modern Accents in Classic White

By Creative Director, Eric Cortina The long days of summer are upon us, but most of us are not ready to give up the carefree vacation feeling we have been enjoying these past few months.  Capture the end of the season with these luxury decor accents that will transform your interiors into a [...]

These are a few of my favorite things…

By Creative Director, Eric Cortina William Yeoward Crystal Vase I personally collect these beautiful vases, and somehow, I feel flowers always look better when arranged in these vases. Yeoward bases his crystal designs on 18th and 19th century patterns but gives each vase an updated more modern approach. [...]

Natural Beauty – 2019 Home Décor Trend

Crystals and stones have been used to decorate and embellish interiors for centuries.  Whether they are appreciated for their natural beauty, or for the meditative qualities they possess, crystals have drawn the attention of artisans who utilize their unique qualities. Amethyst Since ancient times, purple has been the [...]

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Beach Bungalow Blues – 2019 Home Décor Trend

Capturing the feel of the west coast, this style of décor brings the outdoors in and provides a casual approach to indoor living.  Natural materials, a soothing color palette and an attractive mix of patterns makes this décor so appealing. Artisan Glass Vases These handcrafted vases have captured [...]

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Neutral Boho Décor – 2019 Home Décor Trends

Still on trend is the casual approach to decorating in a bohemian style.  In the past, it was all about blending bright colors and mixed patterns in an abandoned manner, creating an environment that showcased personal style. The evolution for this décor trend for 2019 has greatly shifted with the focus now being on [...]

Global Patterns – 2018 Home Décor Trend

Warm and earthy tones are making a comeback this summer, replacing the cooler pastel palettes from past seasons.  Along with this shift is also the change of patterns and designs which feature natural materials and folklore patterns. These neutral accessories will bring back the memory of your favorite vacation or travels abroad and set [...]

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Coastal Influence – 2018 Home Décor Trend

With our geographical location, the beach and ocean have always been a natural choice for our interior décor. The trend this season is adapting to a relaxed approach and utilizing a softer palette to create a casual and inviting home. Specimen Shells Shells are so interesting and beautiful [...]

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Cache Pots & Containers – 2018 Home Décor Trend

An easy way to give your interior décor a new look is to change out your existing containers with more trend-focused designs.  Houseplants are still growing in popularity and finding the right indoor decorative planter that compliments your plant is easier than ever.  Glazed Artisanal Pottery On trend [...]

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Going Green – 2018 Home Décor Trend

Green is a vibrant color that symbolizes renewal and growth. It is the color you see the most in our natural environment and is associated with the spring season when everything comes to life. Its meaning is balance, calm and harmony, so it is a great color to have around when you are trying [...]

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Influenced by Nature – 2018 Home Décor Trend

The most beautiful things come from nature.  The mix of patterns and color combinations always inspire us to incorporate the feeling of the outdoors into our interior design.  A big trend again this year is using the natural elements and transforming them into furniture and decorative accessories. Onyx [...]

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