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How to Fertilize Your Indoor Plants

Greetings!! Last time we spoke, we focused in on watering our plants, today I want to build on this, and talk about fertilizing our plants. Equally important, often confusing. So let’s break it down – Fertilizers are needed to restore the nutrients in our plants soil. In nature this happens organically, quite literally. [...]

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Essential Tips for Watering Houseplants

Essential Tips for Watering Houseplants with Haley Fox Greetings, plant friends! Spring is just around the corner, bringing us longer days and warmer weather. This means we can resume our regular watering and plant care routines. Exciting news I know, but before we jumpstart these routines, let's [...]

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A Plant Buying Trip with Design in Mind

by Kathleen Nestell, Original Designs Living Arrangements Designer If a picture is worth a thousand words, I could write several books based on the inspiration I received from the photographs I snapped while on one of our most recent [...]

A Plant Buyers Trip to Growers in San Diego

Go along with our Plant Buyers on a Trip to San Diego Frequently, Roger’s Gardens buyers and horticulturists visit growers around the state and in other parts of the country, seeking out the best, newest and most amazing plants for our garden center. We probably do this excessively, but It’s part of what makes [...]

Designer Indoor Plants & Specimens by Lynda

Let’s Get Our Green On… We always have a lot going on in the Garden Rooms. From Silk Design to Homewares, Patio and Indoor and Fresh Florals, Roger’s Gardens tirelessly looks for the best and Indoor Specimen Plants are no exception to the rule. An Indoor Plant can mean many different things to [...]