Spicing Up Mediterranean Gardens by Tim Fiskin

Mediterranean style gardens are a big part of the California landscape. From San Francisco to San Diego, we see them in many different contexts; private gardens, public buildings and city centers, as well as commercial office complexes.  The iconic Italian Cypress and Olive Tree are as ingrained in our vision of the California gardens as the [...]

Garden Design 101 by Ron Vanderhoff

We all do it. Walk into a nursery and spot a beautiful, flowering plant that we must have. Moments later, we discover another gorgeous plant that we believe would look just perfect planted right next to it. “Isn’t that the first thing you do?” asked Cristin Fusano, a notable garden designer and horticulturist who gave a [...]

Anemone Mona Lisa by Lew Whitney

Like many California gardeners, I planted Anemone bulbs for years and enjoyed the cut flowers they provided. At the same time I discovered in florist shops bigger, stronger and better Anemones that my garden could produce. The florist quality Anemones cost about one dollar per stem, so a decent bouquet ran at least $15.00. [...]

Cyclamen: From Fancy to Favorite by Lew Whitney

Cyclamen, which used to be florist specialty plants, have moved to the front of the pack for fall/winter planting, not only in gardens, but especially in containers on patios. Even commercial landscapers are planting masses of Cyclamen. Unlike many fall/wintere color plants, there is no waiting for color to start blooming as Cyclamen arrive with [...]

CA Friendly Gardening Solutions | California Friendly Garden Winners Start a Trend

About a year ago, the Freemon’s decided they wanted a fresh look for their 28-year-old Huntington Beach garden. Their main motivation was the unattractive lawn that required constant watering. […]

Trees In The Landscape by Tim Fiskin

Whether designing a new landscape , or redesigning an existing landscape, the issue of tree size is an important factor.  At Roger’s Gardens Landscape we have been designing and building landscapes for over thirty years. We  learn fast what works and what doesn’t when you are responsible for the translation of design into reality.  With [...]

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