Pre-sprouted Spring Flower Bulbs

Spring pre-sprouted bulbs are finally here! Get a head start on your Spring flowering garden by planting them now for blooms in Spring. Pre-chilled and kept in cold storage for perfectly-timed planting. Head over to Roger's Gardens for all of your outdoor plant shopping necessities! 

Wild Salmon Recipes | Cooking with Chef Mead

The benefits of using wild salmon compared to farm raised salmon is immeasurable. Wild caught fish are widely thought to be the healthier choice, but the flavor profiles are extremely different as well. The information here is about the environmental and health advantages of wild salmon, as well as showcasing some incredible recipes that highlight [...]

Sweet Peas – The Cream of the Crop

Sweet peas are deservedly popular in southern California. Our long, mild winters are perfect for their growth and flowering. Their powerful, sweet fragrance is something that stays in our minds. In fact, when I ask people why they like sweet peas, they often say something to the effect that they fondly remember […]

A “Twenty-something’s” Experiment with Gardening

What made you become a gardener? For me, it was food. Let me preface by explaining who I am. I’m a 25 year old woman, a graphic designer, photographer, yoga instructor and hiker. I work in the marketing department at Roger’s Gardens and have found a love for gardens and wildlife over the years. [...]

Your Other Garden – The One We All Share by Ron Vanderhoff

If you are reading this, it’s likely that you have a garden. Maybe a big garden or a small garden. Either way, it’s your garden. But, you have another garden as well; a garden that we share. […]

Preparing Your Garden For Spring by Suzanne Hetrick

First, check your sun exposure. For most flowering plants and edibles you’ll need at least 6 – 8 hours of sun per day for the best results. Most people underestimate how much sun they have in their garden. Afternoon sun is the warmest so make sure that it’s 6 – 8 hours of the best sun [...]

Spring Floral Trends 2013 by Christopher Nichols

The word “Springtime” always brings a smile to my friends and family. To me it’s a time of renewal, regrowth and COLOR!  Taking cues from the fashion industry, it seems that florally speaking, Spring 2013 is all about color, texture and pattern.   Here are some of my favorites. […]

Spring Home Décor Trends 2013 by Eric Cortina

Spring is the perfect chance to bring new life and home décor accents into our surroundings.  After the dreary winter weather, and the last couple of years of the monochromatic design trends, it’s time to not only add color but also personality to the interior of your home. […]