All that is merry and bright sparkles in our Joyeux Noël Christmas Boutique.  Celebrate the diversity and richness of European Christmas traditions and enhance them with modern influences and themes.

Our buyers have travelled over rooftops to bring you curated holiday gifts and decorations that showcase some of the oldest European craftsmanship, where families pass traditional art forms from generation to generation. Glass ornaments are hand blown and hand decorated in family workshops in Poland, Nutcrackers made in Germany accompany seasonal dinnerware from Portugal and Italy.

Whether you stay up to watch the first star in the night sky on Christmas Eve or leave a stocking for Santa or a shoe for St Nicholas, Christmas is a time to celebrate traditions and create new memories. Experience the magic of the season and be inspired by Joyeux Noël at Roger’s Gardens.

Roger’s Gardens • October 6th – December 23rd

2016 Christmas Boutique

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