The holidays are upon us, and I know a few of you may be intimidated by the idea of decorating for the holidays, so here are few tips and decor trends to make the process more enjoyable. In order to minimize stress, try to be realistic about the time you need to decorate and schedule it on your calendar. I use Thanksgiving weekend as my parameter, and whatever projects I don’t complete in those three days can just wait until next year!

Before starting, I plan the colors or themes I would like to highlight for the season. This year, I am focusing on red and brown with tarnished or muted gold accents.  I’m thinking of utilizing red roses, ilex, pinecones, and holly, which lends itself to a very natural decorating theme.  Choosing these also limits the decorations I will take out of storage and use this year.  Remember, you don’t have to feel compelled to use all of your decorations, or hang every ornament you own each year. For inspiration, here are some of the holiday decorating trends I have seen this year:

Red– Yes, it is the classic Christmas color, but it works! You can use it in a very traditional manner though poinsettias, red berry accents, and velvet ribbon, or a more modern approach in red glass, glitter, and tone on tone décor.  Red is a great base color from which you can vary your décor theme year to year.


Forest– Terrariums have been very popular this past year, so why not incorporate the look into your holiday décor. Think about using fern plants, pinecones, mushroom ornaments, and burlap ribbon to adorn your tree and wreaths. Bring a living tree or topiary inside, and use other garden elements such as statuary or outdoor lanterns to decorate your home.


Shells– Living on the coast, we have all been influenced by the natural beauty of the beach.  This theme has been popular for years, but I think it is more relevant today when done in an elegant style. Try mixing natural shells, pearled ornaments, capiz shell garlands, and mercury glass for a sophisticated palate. You can also take it another direction, and focus on a more natural approach by adding in driftwood elements and accenting with succulent plantings.


Euro White– I’m dreaming of a white Christmas! White is another great base color to start your holiday decorating, and accent colors can easily be incorporated to change the feel from year to year. Staying in a muted color palette and keeping the decorating to a minimum is an easy way to preserve the enjoyment of the holiday season. Crystal ornaments, tarnished silver or pewter containers, fresh greenery and wreaths, snowy pinecones, and brown paper packages tied up with string all evoke this style.


Surround yourself with elements that enhance the holidays for you including the smell of fresh greenery and bay leaves, unwrapping your collection of ornaments or hanging the family heirlooms on the Christmas tree. Enjoy the process of decorating your home for the holidays this year, and invite your close friends to celebrate in the beauty you have created.