With our geographical location, the beach and ocean have always been a natural choice for our interior décor. The trend this season is adapting to a relaxed approach and utilizing a softer palette to create a casual and inviting home.

Specimen Shells

Shells are so interesting and beautiful on their own that they can be a natural decoration displayed on table-tops or featured on book shelves. The interesting interior pattern of abalone shells are especially prized for their iridescent coloration.

Organic Planters

The softer blue color and organic shapes make these containers a perfect example of the relaxed coastal trend.  Group these cache pots together along with a collection of your favorite plants to become a focal point in any room.

Decoupage Plates

Decorative plates are an interesting way to bring a collection into your home décor. These coastal theme plates with their similar blue color theme are more interesting when grouped together on a wall or table.

Agate Patterned Trays

Stone and marble themed décor has been popular trend for the past seasons. This tray blends the coastal colors with the stone pattern to create a unique accent to your coffee table or vanity.

Blue Wave Ceramics

Based on French country marbleized plates, these ceramics blend well into coastal theme décor.  Their random patterns are reminiscent of crashing waves on a beach.

Aqua Colored Pallet

The softer pallet of aqua is a soothing and calming color to adapt into your interiors. It is easy to introduce aqua with these small accents in varied materials.