Is there anything more magical than a storybook cottage? Follow along with me step by step as I bring an enchanted cottage to life in a miniature garden. Unleash your imagination, think small and capture a page from a fairytale.


Gather together your plants, soil, and accessories. I always put out more than I will need.


I used an 18” saucer type clay container. Fill with potting soil. Insert fencing.


Plant trees in back of cottage to create a forest feel. I selected lemon cypress for their bright color to contrast with the dark cottage.


Fill in with low plants. I like something to spill over the side so I chose bacopa with a white flower. Sedums fill in around the cottage grounds. Give it all a good watering.


Cover the bare spots with decorative stones. I added a bridge, mushrooms, an owl and an enchanted toad. Create your own little arbor by bending twigs for an entry.

You Will Need:

  • 3 Lemon Cypress, 8-11 inches tall
  • 1 bacopa (Gulliver White)
  • Assorted sedums
  • Potting soil
  • Storybook house
  • Mushrooms, toad, owl, bridge, decorative stones, twigs, fencing

Barbara’s Tips

  • Start with a Theme
  • Select compatible plants
  • Use color to contrast and highlight your accessories
  • Plant something to cascade over the side to soften the edges of the pot
  • Balance your garden just as you would large scale landscaping
  • Use your imagination and have fun