The most beautiful décor comes directly from nature, and crystal and natural stones are one of the latest trends gaining in popularity. Shop our collections that incorporate these natural elements.

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Quartz Crystal Votives & Bowls

These handcrafted votives make a beautiful statement. The rock crystals can also be transformed into a decorative bowl as a focal point on any table or in any room.

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The natural beauty of each piece is showcased as a piece of art when displayed on a pedestal. The uniqueness of each rock is highlighted when grouped together on a shelf or table.

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Agate Napkin Rings

These platinum colored agate napkin rings will make a very sophisticated atmosphere at your next dinner party or event. The metallic looking stone will blend well with silver or pewter vases and flatware.

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Jewelry Boxes

These modern jewelry boxes are the perfect size for a dresser or bedside table. Natural stone accents are highlighted with a gold accent edge and placed on top of a mirrored or glass box.

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Marble Candle Votives

These marble votives or candle holders are a unique use of the natural stone material. Place a candle flame inside and enjoy the warmth and illumination it will create without the mess of a true wax candle.

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