Going above and beyond

As stewards of the Earth, both in thought and practice, we believe serving the community with an unparalleled selection of nursery and home décor items should not come at the price of the environment. We’ve adopted a green approach to running our business, demonstrating our commitment to the environment and allow us to become a “green” gardening leader.

Our comprehensive sustainability programs range from how we generate and use our energy sources, to how we manage our water use. We take pride in implementing an active approach to preserving California’s environment and positively influencing the green habits of our loyal customers.

  • We conserve energy with the use of LED products, skylights and programmable timers to reduce electricity consumption from lighting by 35%.

  • We do not use plastic bags, plastic trunk liners or similar items – and never have.

  • We LOVE to Reuse and Recycle your empty plastic plant containers. Bring them back to us, and keep them out of the waste stream.

  • We only use green cleaning supplies.

  • We are celebrating our 10th year of not selling synthetic fertilizers, insecticides and other garden products. We have been ‘ORGANIC’ for a decade. Join us!
  • We don’t sell invasive plants. We are the only Orange County member of PlantRight, a voluntary effort to remove invasive plants from horticulture.
  • Our entire outdoor garden store landscape has been converted to low-water, California Friendly®. We have almost zero-runoff thanks to high efficiency, low runoff irrigation equipment and design.

Our community outreach and education programs allow us to promote the use of natural, sustainable, and non-chemical approaches, and our California Friendly Gardening® Contest encourages customers to conserve and protect our natural resources.