Roger’s Gardens’ Creative Director, Designer, and Buyer:  Eric Cortina loves to do it all.  His style is constantly evolving, and choosing a few items for this shortlist was a challenge.  Here he shares some of his current favorites that have made it out of the store, and into his home.

William Yeoward Crystal

A William Yeoward crystal vase is the perfect gift.  They are elegant both with and without flowers, as they are beautiful in themselves. The contemporary designs are based in tradition, with a modern twist.  Design inspiration for William Yeoward is drawn from antique pieces originally made in England and Ireland during the 18th and early 19th centuries.  Each piece is entirely made by hand using traditional methods employed over 150 years ago.



A beautifully designed scented candle is a wonderful thing.  Right now I am currently burning two scents at home.  Koa by DayNa Decker, and Figue de Bordeaux by Voluspa.


Match Pewter

I love expanding on my collection of Match Pewter pieces, and I also love using them at home.  Handmade in North Italy, each piece is both decorative and functional, and a testament to the timeless value of craftsmanship.



Books are the perfect escape, and a place to go for inspiration.


Vietri Incanto

I use my Incanto white dinnerware daily.  Inspired by Italian art and architecture the De Medici dots, baroque curves and antique Venetian lace combine perfectly in the place settings.


I am gradually replacing existing plants in my garden with succulents.  I love the color palette and architectural shapes available, and it’s a huge plus here in California that they require little water.


Extasia Jewelry

Using glass intaglios that are made in a small Bavarian village using original molds from the 1800s, and shell cameos hand carved in a tiny Italian seaside each piece in the Extasia collection is meticulously detailed and emanates classic beauty.  When I first saw the line I loved it so much that they created a bracelet especially for me.



Fresh Flowers

For me fresh flowers are an essential, they make a house a home.


It’s delicious; you really should try some.  Artichoke hearts, olive oil and parmesan cheese – spread it on a baguette or turn it into a dip, I’ll be eating some tonight.