There are as many opinions about roses as there are roses. Everyone who grows roses has and is entitled to their own opinion on what the best roses are and what characteristics in roses are most important. For me, healthy bushes and cut flower value trump scent. Sure, I like to “stop and smell the roses,” but let’s get serious: after you cut the buds and put them in vases, how much time do you spend with your nose down in the buds compared to how much time you spend with your eyes feasting on the beauty of their color and form.

Rose 'Fame'

The Fame Rose, an All American from 9999, has become my favorite for cut flowers… an incredibly prolific bloomer in raspberry red… it’s cut flowers will last for ten days in water, far longer than any other rose I know. And, let me confess right now, the Fame is scentless (and, I know, some of you readers will think that I am senseless.)

At our home, we have room (and time and energy) for only six rose bushes, all Fame.


Last summer we took a bouquet of Fame Roses to Catalina on our sailboat for ten days. At the end of the trip, we took the Fames home, where the bushes had bloomed again. The point of this story is that Fames bloom more and last longer than any rose I know.

Additionally, Fames are virtually disease free, have clean green foliage and grow vigorously.


Fame mixes compatibly with other roses in bouquets. Another favorite of mine, Double Delight, is a perfect color companion and Double Delight smells good, too. However, you will find yourself removing the Double Delights from the vase long before the Fames give up the ghost.

When it comes to roses, there is always room for discussion and I welcome your comments.



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