Weddings are one of the most important days of our lives; therefore we want it to be perfect for you.  Planning a wedding can be fun, exciting and sometimes overwhelming. We all want and strive for a beautiful day filled with family, friends, flowers, and memories to last a lifetime.

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You have the ring, the date, and your dress. Now let the fun begin! As you dream about your wedding day, how do you envision it? First start with establishing a vision or general idea that reflects your taste.  Will it be an elegant, classic style, natural/organic or modern with succulents? How about the color scheme? Do you prefer all white, blush/pastel tones, or strong hot colors? Determining the overall look, feel and color scheme prior to your first meeting with your florist, is very important and can save a lot of time.  Bring a collection of different inspiration ideas, magazine tear-outs, bridal pictures, lifestyle shots and color samples. Providing us with ideas of your loves and love-not’s is very helpful. Together we will create your dream wedding.

Let’s start with your bouquet; I feel it’s one of the most important floral displays of the day. Do you want all white or perhaps some color? Your options are endless.

Many brides request lovely bridal floral bouquet with succulents and succulents for the bridesmaid bouquets and groomsmen boutonnieres.  I like how they add texture and interest to the bouquet.

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Bridesmaid’s Bouquets:

When considering the color flowers for your bridesmaid dresses, consider selecting an accent color for the bouquets. Trying to match the same color flower to the dress can lead to disappointing pictures. We want the bouquets to complement their dresses.

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Your Wedding Ceremony:

Will it be in a garden, at the beach or in a church? The season, ceremony and reception settings play an important roll when selecting with the flowers we use.  Always consider using seasonal flowers, as it allows you to get the best show for your money. Importing out of season flowers is always a possibility but it will be costly.

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As you think about the reception flowers, there are a couple of design ideas you may want to consider. The flowers can be similar to the colors of the ceremony flowers.  Or you can consider changing it up and using brighter toned flowers for the reception. We also like to use a few tones of the same colored flowers. If you have used some color in the ceremony, brighten it up and kick up the colors for your reception. In the event you select the classic white or white and green, I recommend using those colors throughout the reception as well. Be consistent and incorporate at least one element (flower) to all areas. The continuity reflects a nice flow through the day.

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It’s summer time and your options are endless. Roses are in abundance during the summer months. Peonies are available as well. Together in a bouquet, it’s timeless and beautiful! Dahlias, freesia, bouvardia, and stephanotis are just a few varieties. Include an aromatic addition to the flowers, by adding in fragrant herbs and foliage. The fragrance is not overpowering and will be a pleasant surprise to most guests.

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I would like to congratulate you on your upcoming wedding day. Enjoy the planning process and most of all enjoy your wedding day.

– Opal