Blue & White

The foundation for this garden is inspired by a photograph I saw long ago of the garden of famed fashion designer and lifestyle expert, Carolyne Roehm. She had placed blue and white porcelain cache pots filled with boxwoods throughout her garden. That image has never left me. For the Blue and White display garden, I wanted to capture that feeling, but incorporate the idea into a blooming garden.

Creative Director – Eric Cortina

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Garden Diagram

Plants Included

  • Cerstuium (Snow in Summer)

  • Cineraria

  • Delphenium

  • English Primrose (Primula polyantha)

  • Anenome (Mona Lisa)

  • Feijoa sellowiana (Pineapple guava)

  • Pansy (Majestic Giant)

  • Santolina (Grey)

  • Lavendula (Lavender) ‘Provence’

  • Digitalis (Foxglove)

  • Lupine (Japanese hybrid)

  • Bearded Iris

  • Nemesia

  • Thymus (Silver Thyme)

  • Dainthus (White)

  • Buxus (Boxwood toparies)

  • Bellis (English Daisy)

  • Ajuga ‘Caitin’s Giant’

  • Hydrangea (White)

  • Viola ‘Blue Moon’

Garden Recipe

1. Choose design pieces considering theme & impact. A few large pieces create drama, with smaller ones carrying the theme.

2. Determine the sun values of your area and choose plants, following a color theme, that are suited for it. (Our area has different values from morning to late afternoon and is planted accordingly.)

3. Place sculptural pieces first and make sure they are level.

4. Group color with large swaths, creating impact.

5. Deadhead almost daily and maintain/refresh regularly. * This is important for keeping the look pristine.

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