General maintenance is a very easy thing to do. For those of you who have planted your garden plants or vegetables, this is a good time to revisit those practices you may have over looked. Here’s a check list of some important points:

  • Did you fertilize?
    • If you applied fertilizer earlier in the season, make sure you read the label as this may be the time to apply another dose of fertilizer.

  • Did you apply Worm Castings or Compost? 
    • This often over looked amendment is essential for allowing nutrients from the fertilizer to get to the plants roots.  It also adds minor nutrients that you may not find in your fertilizer.  It’s like adding fuel to your car’s engine.  Without fuel the engine will not operate.  Spread a thin layer around your plants and water.


  • Have you checked your irrigation system? 
    • This is a great time for those of you that have an irrigation system to check your timer settings and irrigation heads.  Adjust them for the proper water placement and flow.


  • Have you added mulch over your gardening bed? 
    • Adding mulch will help conserve that precious water from evaporation.  A 3-inch layer can save up to 30% in your garden.


These are just a few tips for timely garden maintenance for late spring and early summer.  For more information on water wise gardens, check our other blogs.