Warm and earthy tones are making a comeback this summer, replacing the cooler pastel palettes from past seasons.  Along with this shift is also the change of patterns and designs which feature natural materials and folklore patterns. These neutral accessories will bring back the memory of your favorite vacation or travels abroad and set the tone for summer.

Accent Dinnerware

These small dishes give a sense that they have been collected over the years with their mix and match designs.  Use these to create an interesting table for your next dinner party or place them around your home for soap dishes or catch alls.

Earthenware Vessels

These timeless designs will work well into many interior spaces and can be grouped together as a collection. The matte marble container is a new interpretation of the classic French swirled pattern.


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Handwoven Baskets

Hand crafted items bring a personal touch to your home décor; and these baskets show the detail and artistry in each piece.  These versatile trays can be used as interesting wall decoration or as a serving tray or coffee table accent.

Patterned Cache Pots

Fill your home with a collection of plants placed in interesting cache pots.  The perfect container will make your plant stand out in your décor, in or outdoors.

Floral Ceramics

These decorative pots and jars look like treasures found on a trip to Spain or Portugal.  The floral design has been updated from the normally colorful and ornate design into a contemporary version that is fresh and modern.