Green is a vibrant color that symbolizes renewal and growth. It is the color you see the most in our natural environment and is associated with the spring season when everything comes to life. Its meaning is balance, calm and harmony, so it is a great color to have around when you are trying to reinvent yourself. It is one of the reasons we feel so great when we are out in the open, so why not incorporate this color into our interiors? 

Malachite Ceramic Jars

The pattern of malachite has been used for centuries in decorative objects and has been usually associated with royalty.  The rich pattern and coloration of the stone lends itself beautifully in these ceramic jars and vases.

Green Glass

These versatile glasses can be used not only for drinking glasses, but also for floral vases or even decorative votives.  Picture them running down a table at your next dinner party or event.

Chinese Green Jars and Platters

These unique pieces look as though they are ancient antiques from faraway lands. Give your interiors a traveled appearance with these luxury decor accents.

Ceramic Succulents

Bring everlasting green into your home with these decorative ceramic succulents.  Scatter them around the house without the worry of ever watering them!

Green Fluorite Votives

These natural stones are calming with their pale and varied coloration.  Light a candle, sit back, and enjoy the warmth and glowing quality of this votive in your favorite setting.