Wander the corridors of a most magical school where witches and wizards learn their craft.  Prospective students are invited to tour the castle.  Explore the Headmaster’s Study, a room filled with curiosities and antiquities. Discover where novice witches and wizards study in the Potions classroom, be sure not to tamper with their mysterious experiments.  Who knows what mythical creatures are lurking in the cabinets.  Students wishing to learn about the magical properties of plants can visit the Greenhouse Conservatory where rare and unusual specimens are cultivated.

Each of the many rooms in this castle is filled with enchanted objects and décor to fill your home with the spirit of Halloween. Visit Roger’s Gardens this Halloween season and surround yourself in a world of magic.

Headmaster’s Study

Do you know the gargoyle’s secret password? By special invitation you are very welcomed to join us in the hallowed halls of the School of Magic. Whether you are a courageous or sneaky, the doors of the study are for but a short time open. Ascend the tower and explore all his witchcraft, trinkets, curiosities and wizardry packed into every magical corner of the Headmaster’s Study.

Herbology Greenhouse

Herbology is a mandatory class for at School of magic! Learn how the wizards repot their Mandrakes while you spy on all the other magical plants and Greenhouse specimens. Be the top student when you discover the Haunted Tree and if you are lucky enough to meet the Into the Woods Pumpkin, please don’t ask him why he’s grinning!

Haunted Bathroom

Don’t let Myrtle’s moaning scare you off! Her bathroom is chock-full of delightfully ghostly Spectres and spinning Projected Light Eyes that instantly turns any unsuspecting wall into a glimmeringly ghoulish light show. Be sure to assure Myrtle she can’t be teased when you hear her faint echoed chatter by the bath stalls.

Potions Classroom

In the cellars of the dungeons at the School of Magic, you’ll find witches and their most potent potions. If you can avoid making the snake cross, you will find the most odd of oddities, the most sparkly of Gems and learn if you dare the mixology to the dark magic written in Hocus Pocus hidden textbook.  A word of warning: Don’t step on the Warty Toad in the dark!

The Great Hall

Belly up to your respective tables and follow the consecrated seating chart when you sit down to consider the delicacies on offer in the Great Hall. Light the way with Frick and Frack, a pair of seriously cranky candlesticks and don’t forget to look up! The great White Owl is sure to be flapping its wings overhead. Remember to set your watch as you enter because checking the Time Warp Clock instead could find you lost in the Great Hall for hours!

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