I just recently returned from a buying trip at the Maison Objet show in Paris. Not only was I inspired by all the beautiful displays and booths, but had the chance to walk the entire show to see all the trends in fabric, lighting and furniture. Here are a few of my observations of the most popular themes and design elements from this international trade show.

Blue and White

Still popular for the past couple of years, this trend keeps being reinvented. Similar to the style you will find in our current collection in the Gallery, many designers were pairing it with modern accents. As I do in my own home, every now and again you need to update a few pieces of furniture or home decor accents to keep your rooms relevant and interesting. Adding in a contemporary piece of art or taking a modern approach to blue and white ceramics will give new life to your existing space.

Gold Accents

A design approach that warms up interior spaces is the recent trend of gold accents over silver. I saw a lot of gold gilt, matte gold and also aged gold finishes at the Paris show. Gold and white was also a popular pairing for interior décor, as well as continuing the mixing of various metal finishes. As I spent one day shopping boutiques in the city, I noticed textured metals were trendy and most of the fashion designers were showing shiny gold accessories with their collections.

Colored Glass

I was personally attracted to all of the offerings of colored glass. I think it’s a great way to introduce color into a room without a lot of commitment. The colored glass was showcased in vases and bowls and looked very inviting when bright floral arrangements were added. Fresh flowers were everywhere, and it was a great reminder of how much beauty flowers add to an interior space.


One huge trend was bringing exterior plants inside. A lot of showrooms had actually built interior solariums as part of their displays. Ferns were definitely the plant of choice, and the more exotic the better. Think more forest ferns than the typical Boston ferns and try displaying them in hanging glass vases or terrariums. One of my favorite displays at the Paris Show was a booth that recreated a redwood forest setting to showcase their crystal chandelier collection.


Wood is still a strong trend, especially as a wall treatment. It’s a great way to bring nature indoors, and there are now so many decor options to choose from. Accent table tree trunks, serving pieces mixed with marble for the dining table, and even decorative hanging lamps are combining wood and metal as a statement pieces.

This buying trip reinforced my belief that it is important that we refresh and evolve the spaces around us. So I have recently been updating the decor of my home.  Adding more colorful accessories, bringing natural elements indoors and even moving existing art to new locations has brought new interest into the rooms.

I can’t wait for the container to arrive from Paris with everything I bought for RG’s and hope that you will visit and experience your own inspiration.


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