One of our favorite garden vegetables to grow are the many varieties of lettuce that are now available. Lettuce is especially easy to grow. You can start harvesting a crop within 15 days after you planted it in your garden or container! When its time to harvest our crops a frequently asked question is, “what is the best way to harvest our lettuce?”

Most of us pull the entire head out of the ground cut off the root and turn the head into a salad. But do you know that a better approach to harvesting is to trim the larger outside leaves off leaving the young new growth at the core. The new foliage at the core will continue to grow and in about 10 days you should have another crop to harvest.

I suggest planting at least 3 heads of the same lettuce to have enough foliage to make a salad for two. I prefer to plant 5 or 6 different types of lettuce and have enough lettuce for two all week long.
Try this method and you will be amazed with the regenerative power of lettuce.