Where are the Impatiens?

As a leading garden center, Roger’s Gardens has decided to no longer sell regular impatiens. This is a difficult decision, but it is the responsible thing to do. A new disease called Downey Mildew that ONLY affects regular impatiens is now present in Southern California. University recommendations are not to plant impatiens for at least 2-3 years. Rather than sell plants that will fail, Roger’s Gardens has chosen to offer better choices. Here they are!

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[su_tab title=”Bacopa”]


[su_tab title=”Coleus”]


[su_tab title=”Hypoestes”]


[su_tab title=”Lobella”]


[su_tab title=”New Guinnea”]

New Guinnea

[su_tab title=”Rieger Begonia”]

Rieger Begonia

[su_tab title=”Wax Begonias”]

Wax Begonias

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