The most beautiful things come from nature.  The mix of patterns and color combinations always inspire us to incorporate the feeling of the outdoors into our interior design.  A big trend again this year is using the natural elements and transforming them into furniture and decorative accessories.

Onyx Bowls

Handcrafted from natural stone, these home decor accent pieces will be the perfect centerpiece on a dining table or entry way.  The pattern and natural coloration of each piece shows the artistry of nature itself.

Root Tables

Teak roots are reimagined into unique table bases that bring a sense of sculpture into these furniture pieces.  The tables can also be used outdoors in a covered area to create an entertaining area.

Agate Accent Tables

Agate stone has the most interesting patterns and varied pale colorations.  These tables are the perfect accent for a sofa or side chair.

Organic Vases

Taking the que from nature, these organic shaped vases are perfect to display single blossoms or a tillandsia specimen.  The clean shapes and lines are perfect to group together as a small collection.

Dried Floral Prints

Photographs of dried flowers and herbs are transformed into modern art with these colored images.  Group them together for maximum impact in a living or dining room.