For those of you who want to create a little magic in the garden but are overwhelmed by the vast miniature accessories available, I suggest you work around a theme. A theme will give you focus and help you to edit your garden of miniature clutter. Remember that it is a garden after all, so don’t forget the plants.

Here are some examples where I used a theme to help form a garden:

Story Book House:






A garden modeled on a fairy tale inspired house creates a charming scene. Learn the step by step procedure here.

Enchanted Forest:








A moose wades through lush baby tears in search of a meal. An enchanted tree watches over the forest.









Miniature gardens and mushrooms are always good companions. This wee house is safe and cozy nestled among the foliage. Beware fairy rings.









A touch of the Orient is just outside your door without the jet lag. Add a koi pond and classic blue and white accents. Enjoy while you sip green tea.

Fairy Hatch:









Do you dare lift the hatch and venture down the spiral stairs? No garden even necessary, just bury half way into the soil. Keep watch to see if something escapes.

Canopy in the Ferns:








Shhh, someone is sleeping. Soft lullabyes are carried on the breeze as the curious deer check on the slumbering babe.

Hobbit House:









Real Estate is at a premium. These sly foxes moved in while the hobbits were out with Gandalf.

Fairy Door:









Place a door at the base of a tree and create a portal to another world. A howling wolf alerts his pack.









Feel the sand between your toes and breathe the salty air even if you’re miles from the ocean.









Feel the chill of winter even in Southern California. You’ll be making hot chocolate and pulling on your Uggs.

Swan Lake:








A sprinkle of fairy dust turns an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. Cue Tchaikovsky.

Tell your own story by creating a miniature world in a garden. Let one or two accessories and complimentary plants inspire your theme. If you can dream it, you can build it.


– Barbara McGraw, Gallery Sales and avid Miniature Gardener